a real human being…


The sun is rising behind the trees. It’s a cold winter day. The oak couple are happy together, they love it here, they wouldn’t dream of living somewhere else.

When you live surrounded by nature and when you consciously seek contact with all forms of life around you, the trees, plants, wild animals, birds and insects and if you recognize the four elements and experience them in everything around you, but also in yourself, earth-water-fire-air, then wonderful ideas, insights and experiences come to you, quite naturally. You won’t find these in books or on the Internet. They are part of those ancient secrets you thought were irrevocably destroyed by the madness of patriarchy. Not so! Your intuition is now working at full speed. You communicate with plants and animals, and even stones sometimes give some of their mysterious secrets. You’re grounded because your body is one with Earth. Physically, the electromagnetic current made by Earth and Sun is spiralling through your body. Earth feeds you and you also feed her. That’s how it works. There is symbiosis.

You will then be working as a real “hagezus” in the true sense of the word. Refusing to use the word witch because that’s such a heavily pejorative word, it refers to malignancy and so on, and that is absolutely not what happens, it is the most honourable work ever. Because, after all, you work together with Earth. You find exactly the right herbs, for the herbal remedy that you need at that moment. You communicate on a nonverbal intuitive way with a few specific plants, who whisper all sorts of secrets to you. (Oh, the things you learn from plants! They are so wise, they know so much!) You start singing songs which just seem to come out of nowhere. You move your body in a different way, gracefully with bare feet on the grass, paying attention to everything around you. You get more and more encounters with wild animals as if they want to make contact with you too.



It’s really amazing what you are experiencing. You start working with earth-water-fire-air elements by using your body as a medium while listening, seeing and feeling what happens to your body, feeling powerful energy flowing through. This is true meditation, not sitting still on a fancy cushion, not repeating the same word over and over again. No, this is completely different! You make no altar, build no temples and worship no images. You don’t need them because nature itself is your altar, trees are your temples and every stone and clouds are all the images you need.

You’re resonating with the rhythms of nature. The seasons have a clear purpose and you learn to work with them. Nothing is forced, everything comes at the right time. You learn to know where and when the moon rises, what phase she is in, what influence she has on you on that particular day. You honour the sun every day, especially when rising and setting. You also learn that you are a being who is part of a much greater whole. You learn to use energy in the right way, you learn how to heal your body and soul and also other beings and even Earth benefits from this. You learn to lead this universal energy in the right direction to do the work that you were called to do in a successful manner. You will finally start to become a real human being.


Smudging herbs ritual


I wish everyone a fruitful and magical year!


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